Carfax Educational Consultants provide a wide range of advice and support for pupils, families and adults who seek access to the world’s leading educational institutions.

With increasing numbers of applicants for a limited number of places at top schools, the competition for entry has grown significantly. With consultants who have been educated at leading British public schools, as well as many who have taught within the independent sector, Carfax can provide a unique insight into admissions systems which are often challenging. Consultants can also provide guidance for parents who would like their children to secure places at one of the elite schools of Switzerland.

Carfax provides a range of support for those who aim to secure entry to the best Universities, including Oxford, Cambridge and the Ivy League Colleges of America. All Carfax consultants have studied at the Universities of Oxford or Cambridge; as such they are ideally placed to provide assistance, guidance and support to applicants. In addition, Carfax can help those applying for Post-Graduate study, or for courses at specialist institutions.

Carfax has the unique advantage of being able to draw on the resources of the wider Carfax Education group, with access to world-class tutors, guardians and a range of teaching establishments. This allows the individual requirements of pupils and clients to be met, providing them with all the assistance they need.

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