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Carfax Tutors offer highly capable and talented tutors to those requiring supplementary or full-time individual tuition in person or online. Carfax tutors can be engaged to work anywhere in the world. Live-in tutors are available for short- and long-term residential placements, including home schooling, and can accompany families or chaperone pupils on trips in any part of the world.

Tutors are very carefully selected and rigorously assessed for subject knowledge, empathy, engaging teaching style, presentability, discretion, as well as enthusiasm for their subjects and ability to pass it to their pupils. Tuition is delivered at Carfax tutorial centres around the world, at pupils’ homes or other locations such as hotels, resorts and even family yachts. In addition to selecting and engaging excellent tutors, Carfax can provide curated programmes of supplementary, holiday, or home-schooling tuition, that include full support with curriculum materials, timetabling, progress monitoring, and reporting.

Here you can find the profiles of our tutors in Moscow. Our tutor team is always expanding, so not all of our tutors can be found on this page, please call or send us an email for more information.


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